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Contact Style of OS9 + Dialer


We give you Contact style of iOS9 is a new phonebook app for your default one. The design of this phonebook is very beautiful and very modern and very classy. This contact app is a very alike version of contact app and phonebook on Phone 6s with ios9 system. So it’s look very professional and a cool thing if you want something new and be out of the normal.Many features and design of phonebook and contact on phone 6s have been brought to this simulated os9 app on android. A very normal contact and phonebook app with os9 style, it has all function of a contact app with some new features of Phone 6s.You can see how different to the default contact app on your phone. Beautiful layout design like OS 9 and many cool function on it. Want something new on your phone, then this app is some thing you should try. This Contact style of iOS9 + Dialer App include ::
Search List ::- Add your favorite contact to favorite list. You can also edit, delete, Update favorite contact.Recent List ::- All recent incoming and outgoing call log see in Recent List. You can also edit, delete, Update Recent call log contact.- View time for call log, is it missed call or incoming or outgoing, all detail see in Recent contact list.- You can add Unknown contact add to your contact list via Recent call log.Contact List ::- All contact show in Contact List. You can Search contact via search box, Alphabetic or scroll down. You can add new contact directly.OS9 Dialer Keypad ::- We give you rich OS9 i caller dialer keypad screen.- Our dialer screen support dual sim card. You can select either of you favorite sim card.
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